Finding Your Perfect Space for Success with Tailored Solutions

Development & Acquisitions

21,971,322 SF


Track Record:

  • 21 Markets

  • 151 Buildings

  • 75% Acquired

  • 25% Developed

We develop and acquire quality, well located, efficient industrial assets throughout Mexico so you can focus on your core business. Our new buildings are all LEED certified and environmentally conscious and we assist our clients to obtain operational sustainability certifications to provide clients and investors with assets that are energy, waste and carbon efficient.


Our design team & stable of qualified contractors work with you to provide a tailor-made efficient solution that suits your needs.  Our design and competitive bid process and project management insure quality, price and timing.

Speculative Development

We build new forward-thinking buildings and required infrastructure so you don’t have too. In this fast-paced environment, our Spec projects often become Spec-to-suit during the construction process.  We select well located development sites based on availability of quality workforce, infrastructure, permitting and access. We improve the building to meet your requirements.


We acquire well located, efficient leased or vacant properties and portfolios that with any required differed maintenance offer our clients a cost-effective solution to their needs

Asset & Property Management

71,373,595 USD


Our services are based on our track record as successful Fund and Asset Managers of industrial real estate in Mexico. Our team is recognized in the market as a proven hands-on property manager that adds value to the assets we manage. Our success stems from our focused approach to differed maintenance, tenant improvements, construction management, proactive commercial planning and lease negotiations which together result in detailed, results oriented property management that adds value throughout the ownership cycle.

Key Pilars to Property Management Success

Proven Team

Our approach is based on our existing Fund Management skills. Our Team has practical on the ground industrial construction and maintenance experience. Our commercial managers have years of industrial brokerage leasing expertise. Our legal and finance teams are well versed in the industrial real estate market.

Local Presence.

Our local professionals mean your properties are well taken care of daily.

Results Oriented

Our team focuses on maintaining an excellent working relationship with tenants. Attending to tenant needs translates into improved relationships.

Institutional Reporting

We have experience with institutional investors and are willing to use your systems and report based on your specific needs. We work in English and Spanish

Construction Management

5,510,218 SF


  • 21 Buildings

  • 4 Expansions

We maximize property value by managing the design, bidding, contracting, construction and delivery of new buildings on your acquired property in accordance with plans you approve. We add value to second generation buildings either through differed maintenance, expansion opportunities or developing unused land in accordance with your needs.

We bid with selected experienced contractors we have worked extensively with and are prequalified according to their size and capability. We typically contract based on a fixed price using design-build methodology to reduce construction risk and maintain contractor accountability. 

We select contractors based on an apples-to-apples comparison of competitive quotes based on a single set of requirements. We manage the design, bidding, permitting, construction and delivery process from beginning to end to ensure the specified quality as well as timely delivery of your asset.

Commercial Leasing

11,548,985 SF

Leased Area

  • 12 Markets

  • 120 Buildings

  • 114 Tenants

  • 4 Funds

We strive to add value throughout the leasing and renewal process by highlighting each properties strengths to potential tenants and brokers always benchmarking our product with what is available in the market, identifying and attracting the right tenant for the specific building and negotiating thoughtful agreements that address the clients' specific needs while maximizing value for ownership.  

We research the financial status of potential tenants including credit rating as well as the planned use of the facility to reduce ownership risk.

Our leases are generally English/Spanish, triple net, corporate guaranteed and US dollar denominated.

Our buildings show their advantages when toured with prepared premises, readily available building and systems information to insure the space is seen in its best light.

We focus on property marketing strategies which highlight each facilities distinct advantages.

We leverage our market based experience and our long standing tenant and brokerage relationships developed over 25 years of portfolio management in Mexico to ensure our properties are well leased.

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